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Imagine Nations Church baptises those who proclaim Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour and who have an understanding of the meaning of water baptism.

What You Need to Do

You will need to complete a study on water baptism prior to being baptised. A water baptism study can be obtained either by calling the Pastoral Care Pastor on 4736 3000 and asking for a study to be sent to you by email or by requesting a copy at the Foyer Information Desk.

Upon completion of the study you can meet with your Connect Group Leader to discuss the study with them, or, if you’re not in a Connect Group the Pastoral Care Pastor will arrange for you to meet with someone to discuss the study with them.

Water Baptism is a wonderful occasion, it is an evening full of faith and testimony.

Feel free to invite family members and friends to share in this moment with you.

You will receive a phone call from the Pastoral Care Pastor upon completion of the form below. An email will also be sent to you supplying you with all the necessary details prior to your baptism.

Application Form

Name *
Address *
Parent permission for Applicants under 18 years of age
Parent Name
Parent Name
Christian Walk
If you are uncertain of your answer for any of the above questions, please speak to one of our pastors or connect group leaders who can help you further.
If no, you can complete a study with your connect group leader or if you are not in a connect group, one of our INChurch team will contact you with more information on how you can do the study.
If you are in a connect group, what is your connect group leaders name?
If you are in a connect group, what is your connect group leaders name?
We do not require that you attend a connect group in order to be water baptised. It is however, helpful to know who is assisting in your growth as a believer as you take this important step.