Leaders In Training

Leaders In Training


An empowering experience of intentional growth.

There’s more! God has a great purpose for your life. He has deposited gifts and influence within you for a purpose that is bigger than yourself- OTHERS.

How do you discover and develop the gifts within you? By allowing others to come alongside you to train and develop you to influence in any sphere you are in. 

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We see the great need for souls to be reached in our community of over 200,000 people. The more Christians we can equip, the more people can be reached. LIT Participants are equipped to fulfil the great commission of Christ- to reach out and make disciples. (Matt 28.18)  

Come and join us in this empowering experience of intentional growth!


Our leadership development is made up of three stages;

Stage 1 - Deliver: Understand the foundational beliefs and truth we are to deliver to others

Stage 2 - Develop: The heart of a totally committed disciple 

Stage 3- Deploy: Practical keys to reach out and make disciples


The course has been developed to be discipleship driven, relational, hands on and time flexible.

The LIT experience includes a brief weekly meeting with your leader (we suggest before or after your connect group meeting) and self-study in your own time during the week (these simple online studies could be done in your devotional time).

Additionally, there are 3 important meetings during the term that the Connect Group Leader and the LIT are required to attend at the church. These are empowering, interactive and encouraging times together with other participants. (Conveniently between Sunday morning services)


Before enrolling, you need to discuss entering the course with your Connect Group Leader and have them sign this form. The Connect Group Leader is an integral part of the course activities and must be able to support you in your weekly growth and accountability. They will also be required to attend the 3 Sunday meetings with you.

You must have a consistent commitment to your weekly attendance at the Connect Group Meeting in order to complete the course.

You also need to have attended an Encounter weekend and completed the before and after Encounter studies.

We ask that you have been water baptised as a believer in Jesus Christ or intend to do so at the next opportunity. 


Our first meeting for Term 3 intake is July 28 2019.

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