For the past 3 years we have supported the work of Destiny Rescue by helping to establish rescue homes in Thailand and Laos. These homes provide a safe haven for girls who have been rescued from sexual slavery. In these homes the girls find security and a loving and caring environment where they can be rehabilitated and given skills to help them start afresh in life.
In 2017 we're establishing a new home in Delhi, India to again provide safety, security and a new future to these girls.



Poverty is something that deeply affects people in ways that are much more than just material possessions. In Vietnam more than 13 million people are living in poverty and many of them have no hope of changing their circumstances.

We have the opportunity to help to lift a whole community out of poverty. Binh Dao village in the Quang Nam province has a population of 8,079 people where the average income is $940AUD/yr.

Our team works with the community leaders to help them identify the key areas of need which will bring a lasting change to their community. Then we help supply them with the means to make that change in areas such as water projects, health programs, skills training, health and safety training and much more.



On the island of West Papua there are 350,000 people, many of whom have never heard the gospel before.
In 2017 we will help to construct a radio station in the city of Sorong to help reach the people with the gospel every day.



Widows in Burundi are outcasts in society. Once they lose their husband they lose all status and are left to totally fend for themselves often caring for many children who are orphans as well.

We are helping the widows of Burundi to see that someone cares for them and helping to give them a hand up by providing them with a home. These homes bring much needed protection for these women and allow them to begin life again.



Water is such a vital part of life and often in poorer countries access to good, clean water is difficult for many people. This causes issues of health, education, safety and reinforces poverty in many areas.

We are helping to bring change to communities by constructing wells in villages that do not have access to clean water. These wells bring transformation to communities and open the door for our partners to plant churches as well.




Jesus said in Matthew 28:19 “Go into all the world and make disciples…” We believe the best way to do this is to empower local, indigenous church planters to work in their own nations to spread the gospel and establish churches. We currently work in 7 nations supporting church planters with the goal of collectively planting at least one church every day.



We work in partnership with dMaker Indonesia to support church planters to work across the 15,000 islands of Indonesia. One of our church planters works specifically in the prison system in Denpasar to help minister to the prisoners there.

The Middle East

In Beirut, Lebanon we are supporting a church planting school where students, predominantly from Syria, are trained and sent out across the Middle East to establish churches.


We are working with the underground church in China to help plant churches in the cities and in rural areas of the most populated nation on earth.


In partnership with The Calvary AOG in Honolulu, Hawaii we are supporting Dora & Sheldon Chee as they work in and around Ceara, Brazil to strengthen existing churches and plant new ones.

North East India

Through our support we have a network of house churches throughout North East India in states such as Assam, Manipur and Megalaya. It is multiplying rapidly and planting hundreds and hundreds of churches and baptising thousands of people each year.

Northern India

In partnership with New India Church of God we are working in regions such as Kolkata, Bihar and even into Nepal to establish key churches which seek to make a real impact in their communities.

Sierra Leone

We are supplying motorcycles to church planters in Sierra Leone that allow them to plant at least 10 churches. These motorcycles help the church planters to reach a greater area and also allow the to be self supporting in the work that they do.